From the Front Desk

  • Congratulations Alisha!

    Hello Cochrane Dental Family! It is time for some good news, and luckily we have some to share: Many of you have met our gentle dental assistant Alisha. Alisha came...

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  • Why didn’t insurance cover all of that?

    An infuriating question, we know, but one with a somewhat logical answer. First, you need to look at dental insurance differently than just a provider of benefits. At its most...

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  • Paperwork, a necessary hassle

    Paperwork. Nobody loves filling out paperwork, but sometimes it has to be done. There are plenty of reasons why it’s a good idea to fill in the blanks, but the...

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  • The problem with breaking appointments

    Dental schedules fill up fast. There’s a lot people out there who need to see a dentist, especially one that is part of their insurance network. As a result, people...

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  • The third party

    No one really thinks about it, but the arrangement between patient, doctor and insurance company is an awkward one. For starters, the arrangement is primarily between the patient (or subscriber)...

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